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Sabbia – like a dream beach vacation

With the professional massage bed Sabbia it is possible to combine the properties of warm sand with massages that, by relaxing muscles, help us practice myofascial release and manual stretching, both designed to harmonize posture.

Since ancient times, sand baths have been recognized as having excellent painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects. Thanks to its chemical-physical composition, the warm quartz sand heated between 32°C and 40°C – has a purifying, disinfectant and alkalinizing action and relaxes muscles, bones and joints. Under the steel tub that contains the sand, there is a perfect safety and efficient coating system. The temperature reached by the heating membrane creates a dry environment that prevents the formation of moulds and bacteria, maintaining constant sanitation.

Sabbia is provided Quartz Sand and thanks to its optional it can be transformed into three diverse spa beds; it allows the replacement of the Quartz Sand by the Himalayan salt or by the water mattress, completely transforming it, its functionality and the work protocols that can be offered to the customer.

Sabbia with Himalayan salt is able to rebalance the body. The heat and the micro-massage made by its particles further facilitates its capacity of interaction with the client, furthermore, the salt takes the customer’s shape.


Massage on a cloud of sand

More about the Sabbia massage bed

Sabbia is a professional massage bed that offers 3 great advantages for final users:

  • the small grains of quartz sand perform a constant micro-massage
  • the sand adapts to the shape of the body providing a perfect resting surface, with the best distribution of body weight
  • the temperature of the sand relaxes muscles and nervous tension, preparing the body in the best way possible to any kind of massage treatment

It was designed by ISO ITALIA GROUP to be used in conjunction with “LUXo”, the hanging module that contains tanning lamps and makes you feel like laying on the beach.

Features and technical specifications

Music Therapy
Heat Control


From 160 Kg to 190 Kg


230V±10%, 50/60Hz N~


92 cm


From 68,5 to 83 cm cm


211 cm

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