Ice attractions

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A touch of winter, even during the summer

Ice attractions are intended to relax both your spirit and body. Constructed with the highest quality material, the pleasure and services the ice attractions provide inside your wellness and spa facility will be met with high praises and open arms.

Complete organism regeneration is realized in just a matter of minutes thanks to the contrast between the hot and cold sensations.

Ice attractions

Snow and ice for better circulation

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With positive effects on the body, circulation and organism as a whole, ice attractions are meant to be used after saunas and especially during the summer because that’s when the metabolism strengthening is the most effective. In combination with salty steam or essential salt infusion, the experience of using ice attractions will always be unique and special.

The hot-cold sensation is best experienced in ice caves and mini ice pools.

Health benefits of using ice attractions

  • Better circulation
  • Stronger metabolism
  • Rejuvenating feeling
  • Higher energy levels

Additional information about ice attractions

  • Installed with built in ice machines with snowflakes
  • Ice control sensors
  • Available with salt steam infusers
  • Can use essential salts

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