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Float SPA – Premium floating experience with Bibis

In cooperation with the client, Bibis installs floating capsules/pools according to the highest international standards. Our experienced architects, engineers, and workers will ensure top-notch project quality, as well as its maintenance after the construction and implementation is complete.

This innovative product for floatation treatments should be an integral part of every facility that strives to provide a luxury experience for its users.

Float Spa

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State of the art treatment with partial or complete absence of external senses

Are you ready for a completely new experience when it comes to relaxation? Float SPA is an innovative product whose production started in Budapest, and since 2010 more than 200 units have been sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Along with the Hungarian design award, this product was nominated for the European SPA Award in the category of best innovative product.

Floating on the surface of Epsom salt water (MgSO4) heated to body temperature with sensory deprivation. This method leads to deep relaxation of both the body and mind. It’s very popular among athletes and office workers, it accelerates the recovery of muscles and joints after training and helps to straighten the spine after a long work week.

Float therapy improves blood circulation to every system of the body, including the skin, which translates to glow-like healthiness.

Benefits and positive impact of floating therapy:

  • Mental health: helps with excessive nervousness, stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, and release of endorphins;
  • Skeletal muscles: eliminates back pain, neck stiffness, sprains, and spine problems;
  • Other: strengthening the immune system, preventing stroke, reducing the risk of cancer, asthma or hay fever;
  • Sports activity: good decision-making under pressure/stress, improving performance and fitness, detoxifying joints and muscles, accelerating regeneration from sports injuries;
  • Dermatology: prevention of acne, skin problems, psoriasis, opening of pores before cosmetic treatments;
  • Magnesium sulfate MgSO4.

Parts of the Float Spa Premium floating room system

  • Floating capsule,
  • 2 water tanks,
  • Technical unit with pump and filters,
  • Control box,
  • HMI touch screen,
  • 450 kg MgSO4,
  • Pipes.

Technical advantages:

  • 100% water filtration, 100% water removal, with self-draining capsules with water tank;
  • Special antibacterial sanitary acrylic substrate on the inner surface;
  • Complex water purification in 4+1 steps;
  • Completely silent, passive heating in the capsule/pool and in the water tank (no circulation noise during floating);
  • Easy washing of the pool with a hand shower (a special backwash system is available in floating tanks depending on your preferences);
  • Underwater music therapy from the built-in memory chip or from an external music source;
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Emergency button with alarm sound;
  • Leak protection sensor and overflow sensor with alarm sound;
  • The lid can be stopped in any position, the opening mechanism is adjustable according to the strength of the gas springs;
  • CE/EAC certificate, KPS approval, FDA report;
  • Optional RAL colors for the outside of the capsule (basic color is white).

Additional information:

  • Central control system,
  • Easy cleaning of the pool with a special backwash system (optional in the floating capsule, while in the floating room/chamber, it is included in the price),
  • Device for reading H2O2 / READER

Float Spa - Relaxation that lasts

Float Spa treatments are also very popular amongst celebrities and athletes, here are a few well-known users of the Float Spa: Tennis player Novak Đoković, musician Eric Clapton, NFL teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots, MMA fighters, boxers, swimmer Michael Phelps, track runner Carl Levis, Shaquille O’Neal former NBA superstar, Wayne Rooney former pro football player, Joe Rogan, Susan Sarandon, Jeff Bridges…

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