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Thanks to our 30 years of experience, Bibis finds itself on top of the Balkan wellness and spa market. We provide the entire process from production to installation of saunas according to the highest world standards, whilst honoring the ideas and wishes of our clients. From consulting, through designing ideal solutions that fit your needs, to their installation and maintenance – we offer full clientele cooperation.

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Sauna cabins

Sauna tailored to your needs – with exclusive equipment

Mind and body rejuvenation

Originally from the Nordic regions, saunas are specially designed cabins intended for high-temperature treatments. Comfort, relaxations, a moment of the piece, and many more health benefits are just some of the reasons why saunas are a perfect addition to every wellness and spa facility.

For complete control of the conditions within the sauna, we offer a large selection of control units and devices that optimize the conditions in these oases. Fiber optics and LED lighting used in the production of saunas fit perfectly into the interior design and will meet all the aesthetic criteria of your wellness and spa facility.

Part of our sauna equipment offer

  • Mythos S35 – state of the art electric heather
  • EmoStyle Di / Hi – elegantly designed control units used in both wet and dry sauna cabins
  • Econ D4 – multiple function control unit for dry sauna cabins
  • Econ H4 – multiple function control unit for wet sauna cabins
  • Zeus – the best sauna stove on the current market
  • SteamTec II Premium – a steam generator for both saunas and steam baths

Fiber and LED optic models

  • Saunia LED 64 – sauna lighting
  • Saunia LED 54 – sauna lighting
  • Saunia LED 27 – sauna lighting
  • Saunia LED thermometer – used to regulate the temperature in the sauna cabins

Complete control of conditions in the sauna with EOS sauna products

EOS control units and systems in our offer were created in order to give the user complete control over the conditions inside the sauna cabin.

From sauna stoves to appliances with multiple functions, Bibis offers a large selection of EOS models of control units and systems for all types of saunas.

Types of saunas we offer

  • Finnish saunas – the temperature reaches up to 110 degrees, with 5-10% humidity
  • Bio saunas – the temperature reaches a maximum of 55 degrees, with 70% humidity
  • Infrared saunas – heated by infrared lighting
  • Saunarium – a combination of different saunas
  • Russian spa
  • Salt sauna

Health benefits of using a sauna

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases
  • Destroys body toxins
  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Calorie burning

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