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Unbelievable levitating notion

Experience the unique feeling of levitation. Using our water beds allows the user to feel the inexplicable experience of weightlessness and ease. Calming sensations of the treatment allow for the entire mind and body relaxation. Due to its marvelously harmonizing effect, a water bed is often the right solution for those who suffer from insomnia.

In our offer we have water beds that can be equipped with various equipment and accessories, all in accordance with your wishes and needs.

Water beds

Water bed – like sleeping on a cloud

Rest for the body and mind

Taking into account your facilities exterior and interior design, we offer water beds that vary in size and are made out of different materials. Relaxing water beds that fit perfectly into any interior are our specialty. No matter which model of water bed you choose from our wide range offer, you can expect nothing but compliments and satisfied customers.

We adapt the conceptual design and realization to your needs, just like the water mattress adapts to the user’s body.

Health benefits of using a water bed

  • Full body relaxation
  • Improves sleep and prevents insomnia
  • Reduced back pain
  • Relieves tension, reduces stress levels
  • Improves circulation and metabolism function
  • Detoxicates the organism and stimulates the proper function of the lymphatic system

Water bed models in our offer

  • Thermo Spa – a very popular model, also available in a version that includes lighting therapy
  • Lady Spa – suitable for smaller rooms
  • Aqua Termo Jet – for a pleasant body massage with a water jet
  • Alima – a wet massage table
  • Vichy Shower – specialized for complete relaxation
  • Water mattresses – comes in different sizes

Realized water bed projects

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