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Discover all the shower systems collections for private spas and professional spas: emotional showers, shower heads and body jets capable of combining maximum functionality and modern design in search of total well-being to be enjoyed at home as well as in the most advanced wellness centers.

In the form of a bursting stream or a delicate mist, water surrounds us in all its forms, as a powerful and vital natural element.


Wellness and aroma showers – satisfaction to all of your senses


For every tactile sensation offered by the contact with water, aquaform proposes emotional showers with different jets, recreating the original sensation and recalling its sweet and powerful emotion. Each of these jets has its own soul and does not offer just a sensation, but recreates a world of atmospheres, sounds and emotions to explore and rediscover.


The sun refracted in water creates a rainbow: each colour of the spectrum represents a particular mood, powerful in its energetic and emotional value. The body reacts in different ways to visual stimulations: lights and colours convey electromagnetic waves that can improve our psychophysical wellness. For this reason, they become a powerful addition to our experience showers and related treatments, optimizing the results and guaranteeing a more complete spiritual renewal.


With the eyes closed, every perfume is a world that opens up to our senses. Each fragrance, during the emotional shower, recalls a particular scenery, acting on our nervous system and on our physical and energetic balance. The three fragrances Energy, Flowers and Relax allow you to experience three different sensorial worlds, all equally able to ensure a long-lasting feeling of relaxation and serenity.


Each jet of water produces a different sound, matching different emotions and atmospheres. The ticking sound of rain, the mighty sound of a waterfall, the light whispers of a steam cloud: the sound embraces our body and removes daily stress. Combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy, it offers a unique and universal experience, which won’t fail to amaze and regenerate.

Aquaform Shower models

Horizontal showers

Positive effects of wellness and aroma showers

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Strengthening the spirit
  • Reducing stress and feelings of depression
  • Better concentration
  • Sense stimulation
  • Reduces headaches as well as tension in the neck and shoulders

Types of showers in our offer

  • Traditional models
  • Tropical rain shower – with massage effects
  • Aroma shower – with a beneficial health effects
  • Ambiance shower – with accompanying visual and sound effects

Realized shower projects

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