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Harmonize your body and mind with a perfect massage

Massages are one of the favorite forms of relaxation. In order for the power of touch to manifest its full effect, it is necessary for the massage to be performed on an adequate massage table. Looking for the right massage table for your beauty salon, spa or home use, the Bibis team is here to help you.

Made of the highest quality materials, with their design and functionality, massage tables and beds enhance the experience of every massage.

Massage tables

Massage table – the best way to experience the full effect of the massage

Maximum comfort during massage treatments

Professional massage beds made of solid wood, with their massiveness and workmanship, exude luxury and elegance. Resistant and durable, they will enchant the user with its comfort. Many models have the possibility of additional adjustments, which then perfectly adapt to the anatomical structures of the user.

Bibis offers all types of wellness and spa beds ideal for all body treatments, massages and relaxation treatments.

Additional information about massage tables

  • Suitable for all facial and body treatments
  • Made of resistant and durable materials
  • Modern design and workmanship
  • Extremely comfortable – in accordance with the user’s anatomical structure
  • Resistant to heavy workloads
  • Functional and adjustable

Types of massage tables

  • Standard massage tables
  • Stationary spa beds
  • Special treatment tables

Realized massage table projects

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