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Salt rooms – like a walk on the beach

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Salt rooms are constructed like unbelievable salt caves that provide a one of a kind experience for its users. Enriched with Himalayan salt and the high-tech Oxygen Concept’s Steam Nebuliser – a device used to create salty steam, salt rooms are a great and unique addition to every wellness and spa facility.

Salt rooms

Sea climate as a synonym for wellness

Salt rooms and Himalayan salt – a new level of relaxation

The salt room concept is based on imitating the effects of the sea climate, which stimulates and relaxes the human organism. With the use of Himalayan salt in treatments, the positive effects are further emphasized.

The positive effects on the body and skin are noticeable as early as 20 minutes after finishing the salt room treatment, while the entire experience is like a long walk on the beach.

State of the art salt room technology

We present the Sea Climate Ultrasonic Nebuliser – a medical device certified by the German health standards IBB / 93/42 / EEC / CE 125

Advantages of salt room treatments

  • Reduces stress levels in just 20 minutes
  • Increased energy levels due to the clean air intake
  • Rejuvenating effect
  • Full body relaxation

Health benefits of Himalayan salt

  • Positive mental health impact
  • Better mood – a calming sensation
  • Reduces feeling of depression, apathy and nervousness
  • Neutralizes allergens in the air
  • Positive effects on the airways and heart
  • Positive effect on the skin

Realized salt room projects

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