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Four weather seasons by the pool

In cooperation with our distinguished partners, the leaders in pool cover production – the Albixon company, we provide the best solutions for covering your pool. Pool covers serve to always provide optimal conditions for staying by the pool, no matter the outside weather conditions.

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Pool covers

Pool covers – boost your protection and savings

An all-around great investment

Pool covers are made of materials of exceptional quality to protect the inside from external influences. They prevent cooling and soiling of the water inside the pool, so just maintenance alone is much cheaper and easier.

The materials used to cover the pool can serve as solar panels, which is also an additional way to save more money.

Standard Albixon Box model offer

  • Casablanca Infinity
  • Dallas
  • Dallas Clear
  • Classic
  • Classic Clear

Advantages of using a pool cover

  • They prevent water cooling
  • They prevent water contamination
  • They can be used as solar panels
  • Significant money savings on pool maintenance
  • They provide maximum security

Realized pool cover projects

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