Over 30 years of quality and success

In an effort to provide our clients with innovative and high-end solutions, we’ve formed a team of architects and engineers who specialize in both designing and constructing wellness and spa centers.

Best Spa company

– Balkan Spa Awards 2015.


Professional and detailed approach

Recognition and awards in the wellness industry

Our hard work and commitment have been recognized by numerous organizations across the globe. Every award we receive serves to further acknowledge our outstanding work and commitment to the wellness industry.

Manifestation Award Location
Serbia more than beauty Special award Vrnjacka Banja
Dubai Compass Awards 2021 Top Loyal Company Dubai
Balkan Spa awards 2015 Best Spa company Skopje
Balkan Spa awards 2012 International conference Kyustendil, Bulgaria
Wellness awards 2011 Regional conference for health,wellness and tourism Serbia
Special award 37th International construction fair SEEBBE 2011 Belgrade
Novelty of the year 3rd place – Compass Pool conf. 2009 San Augustine, Canarias, Spain
Special award 33rd International construction fair SEEBBE 2007 Belgrade, Serbia
1st place diploma 17th annual tourism and health fair 2006 Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia
Special award 43rd International furniture, equipment and interior design fair 2005 Belgrade, Serbia
Gold medal diploma 12th International furniture and interior design fair „Ambient“ 2003, Novi Sad, Serbia

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