Hammam table for humid treatments

The future of water treatments

Innovation means to rediscover the cultural origins of well-being and to propose them in a new form, considering the needs of contemporary society.

Within this frame, ISO Benessere introduces LYMPHA, as a reinterpretation of göbektaşı, which integrates water with technology.

LYMPHA has a smart heated, lit and electrically inclinable top instead of the traditional marble support for a deeper comfort of the customer and the operator.


Relaxing influence of water

More about the Lympha massage table

“The concept starts from the heart of the hammam culture, which is not the classic turkish bath, widely used in wellness centers, but an emotional journey”. Lympha is a ritual of treatments successions, putting together hot and cold environments. Essential is also the preparation of body, mind and soul to be ready to explore these emotional experiences.

Lympha stands as an essential equipment for the wet area, notoriously the most important source for those who invest in wellness. Lympha praises light and color as an integral part of the hammam ISO Benessere treatment and involves all senses of the guest in a crescendo of full emotions. A blade of water will complete the massage, like a light caress on the body.

Features and technical specifications

Water – Steam Bath
Heat Control


230 kg


230V±10%, 50/60Hz N~


100 cm


82 cm


226 cm

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