State-of-the-art water bed Glide: Relaxation and the perfect atmosphere for your body

Glide is equipped with a special water mattress made of hypoallergenic material. Every small movement of the client on the water creates a series of “micro-waves” that have the effect of a continuous micro-massage on the body, promoting venous return and lymphatic circulation, helping to reduce stress and muscle tension.

The inside of the mattress is equipped with a heating system, which makes the experience on Glide even more relaxing. The heat penetrates deep into the tissues, promoting muscle relaxation and joint stretching.

Glide is equipped with Iso Benessere’s special “atmosphere” lighting, with relaxing color cycles that envelop the body of the user, generating a suggestive and relaxing atmosphere throughout the surrounding environment. The colors are generated by a high-power LED lighting system, which can be adjusted to create the perfect atmosphere for each client. Glide’s atmosphere lighting can be used to create a relaxing or energizing atmosphere, depending on the client’s needs.

The water mattress can be replaced with Himalayan salt crystals or quartz sand, allowing a complete transformation of the functions of the bed.


Himalayan pink salt for complete body balance

Glide with Himalayan pink salt

Glide has the extraordinary ability to rebalance the body. Himalayan salt, completely natural and free of additives or pollutants, is rich in substances with a high bioenergetic value and contains all the minerals and trace elements necessary for the well-being of the body. The heat and the gentle massage of the grains interact with the client, relaxing muscle tension, strengthening the immune system, counteracting water retention and contributing to improving any dermatological disorders.

Glide with Quartz sand

Glide offers an experience of total relaxation. The sand heated between 32° and 40° exerts a cleansing, disinfectant and alkaline action, contributing to the relaxation of muscles, bones and joints and relieving minor pains.

Features included

  • Load-bearing structure in powder-coated metal mattress support/container and other materials, in white painted plywood;
  • External covering in stain-resistant imitation leather, waterproof, resistant to mould, UV rays and cracking due to the cold;
  • PU water mattress with internal dividers to reduce the wave effect;
  • Headrest cushion;
  • Lighting system with RGB LEDs for personalized color cycles;
  • Electronic control of the mattress temperature;
  • Synchronization of RGB chromatic lighting via cable with other Iso Benessere equipment.

Options available

  • Glide with Himalayan Salt;
  • Glide with Quartz Sand;
  • Receiver board for wireless synchronization of color cycles with other Iso Benessere equipment;
  • Transmitter board for wireless synchronization of color cycles with other Iso Benessere equipment.

Specifications and addons


214cm (84.25 in)







Supply voltage:

230V±10%, 50/60Hz N∼ | Power absorption 1500W

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