The swivel massage bed

High-tech sound technology

Libra is the Spa table of the ISO Benessere dedicated to inversion therapy. It has a design Made in Italy, essential and elegant, a high level of comfort and the effect of suspension on the colored light to creates an exciting atmosphere throughout the room.

Main features:

  • Two strong lift columns
  • Lowering armrests
  • Electrically adjustable head sections
  • Electrically adjustable, back sections
  • Electrically adjustable, leg, and foot sections
  • Adjustable inclinations of the whole plane for Trendelenburg position
  • Face cradle and soft upholstery
  • Thanks to the adjustable inclinations of the entire table we obtain the Trendelenburg position which creates an ideal stretch to improve the health of the spine and contributes to:
  1. Reduce nervous pressure
  2. Realign the spine
  3. Relax tense muscles
  4. Relieve stress
  5. Increase flexibility
  6. Improve physical fitness and build muscle strength
  7. Benefit from circulation
  8. Reduce shoulder muscle tension
  9. Relieve cervical contractions


Relax in the harmony of sounds and colours

More about the Libra massage table

In Libra The base with exclusive metal/wood design offers extensive storage space for towels and everything else you need for your work . Inside an electrical socket will allow the connection of other equipment. Libra has a powerful chromotherapy system, able to fill the cabin with an atmosphere full of great charm and emotion.

Features and technical specifications

Heat Control
Electric Movement
Cromo Wireless




230V±10%, 50/60Hz N~







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