Elysium Link

Massage bed with coordinated furnishing

A practical massage bed

Elysium Link is a massage bed with coordinated furnishing which can be placed inside the structure, offering functionality and order to the space around. The ‘storage’ treatment table, has a portable open-drawer and an adjustable stool, with a comfortable upholstered seat. The central part is a closed space, which can contain any useful devices, lotions, oils for treatments.

Elysium Link

Complete functionality at the top of your fingertips

More about the Elysium Link massage bed

The generous dimensions of the soft mattress, which is 10 cm. in thickness, the face-hole and the adjustment system with 3 motors – upwards and downward table movement and positions of the seat – grant the high comfort of Elysium Link. Two motors are provided with the basic version and one is on demand. The remote control sets the back side, the height, and the legs side of the mattress and the positions can be saved for reuse. The heating system for the mattress (on demand) grants a pleasant relaxing session. Cleaning and maintenance are very easy and fast thanks to its structure and design.

The LED RGB lights effect through the glazed Plexiglas strips which surround the frame, gives the idea to lay while floating on colors. The innovative chromo therapy system creates an atmosphere which involves all senses. The cabin can be enriched with the accessory CORNER LUX, a Plexiglass column combined with the ones in the massage bed with coordinated furnishing which can be fitted on the wall or on the ceiling.

Features and technical specifications

Heat Control




230V±10%, 50/60Hz N~







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