Wellness bed with Himalayan Salt

Full relaxation via crystal therapy

Massage bed with Himalayan salt Crystals is a bed that offers the operator various possibilities in terms of use (massage, relaxation, slimming).

Crystals is the first wellness bed created so that the customers lie down on Himalayan salt crystals. Totally unique, it offers a fantastic sensation of relaxation and guarantees all the benefits of halotherapy. Himalayan salt, which is totally natural, free from additives and pollutants, is rich in natural substances, has extremely high bioenergetic values and contains all the minerals and trace elements the human body needs.

Crystals reproduces the sea environment conditions: in fact, it contains 150 kg of salt that can be heated to a temperature of between 32°C and 40°C, depending on the method and programme to be used.

The tub is surrounded by 30 bricks of salt that rest on a system of high-intensity LED lighting system so that chromotherapy can be used in conjunction with halotherapy. The boosted chromotherapy lighting, uniformly distributed around the entire perimeter of the bed, completely envelopes the user. A lighting completes the harmony of the environment where the bed is located in, creating points of light from under Crystals to the floor.


Positive effects of the sea

More about the Crystals massage bed

The bricks of crystalline salt neutralize the electromagnetic frequencies present in the environment and the air acquires a positive charge with beneficial effects against nervous tension, insomnia, concentration difficulties and free radicals.

The temperature reached by the heating membrane creates a dry environment inside massage bed Crystals that prevents the formation of moulds and bacteria, maintaining constant sanitation.

For massage utilizers, Crystals offers outstanding benefits:

  • The small salt grains make a constant micro-massage on the user’s body
  • The salt models itself on the user’s body. In this way it offers a perfect lying surface, with the best distribution of the body’s weight
  • The salt temperature releases ions by creating an aerosol effect, relaxes user’s muscular and nervous tension, it also has draining and decongestant effects and helps to reinforce the immune system

Features and technical specifications

Music Therapy
Heat Control


160kg / 190kg


230V±10%, 50/60Hz N~




68.5cm / 81cm



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