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The most effective pool covers for all four seasons!

Coverseal is one of the leaders in the pool cover industry thanks to its revolutionary technology that sets new standards in pool maintenance and safety. Their innovative covers combine durable materials with intuitive design to enable easy pool maintenance without compromising on quality!

The exclusive, patented Coverseal system consists of a unique mechanism that allows the membrane to unwind and lock in place thanks to a flat and discreet rail with a thickness of 10 mm. The membrane is developed for excellent resistance to UV rays, extreme weather conditions, and complies with the strictest standards, particularly NF P90-308 from December 2013.


Keep your pool safe with Coverseal!

Coverseal pool covers – quick protection and easy to use

One of the best things about Coverseal covers is how fast and easy they are to open and close. With smart technology, you can manage the cover without any trouble. This means your pool stays safe from leaves and bugs, and you can swim whenever you want!

Coverseal covers also make your pool more comfy. Whether you want to keep it clean or make it look nice, Coverseal covers are perfect for anyone who wants an easy, safe, and cozy pool experience. We have 3 different collections to fit your needs perfectly.


The ideal solution for pool owners who want to enjoy all the benefits of Coverseal covers on a limited budget.

Simple one-person operation using a wrench key ensures maximum safety for all family members and keeps your water clean and warm.


They represent the leading models in our range, combining technology, aesthetics, and environmental respect. Control with either wired or wireless remote provides optimal comfort and allows you to uncover or cover your pool in less than a minute.

This cover is the choice for demanding customers who do not want to compromise between aesthetics and performance.


They come with a mobile control box with batteries that recharge in just a few hours. With fully charged batteries, you connect the cable from the control box and easily operate the cover’s opening and closing.

With fully charged batteries, you can perform around fifteen cycles of opening and closing, making it the perfect compromise for those who want extra comfort at the right price!

Model features

Automatic system
Unlimited color combinations
Membrane thickness – 0.5mm
Specific remote opening
Limited budget
Technical specifications

Adaptable pool covers!

The membrane

A pool cover that easily adjusts to every element of the environment, protecting it from the effects of the external environment at all times. All our covers are made to measure and are customisable. A range of membrane colors allows our cover to fit perfectly and discreetly into your pool’s environment.

RAL 9005

RAL 5002

RAL 5015

RAL 6026

RAL 7035

RAL 7037

RAL 1015

The casing

Coverseal comes with a powder-coated aluminum casing in the color of your choice ( Classic except fluorescent). It’s definitely a unique product that will meet all your needs!

Additional features

Various options can be added to your pool cover.

For example, you can choose an automatic closing detector to control your water treatment unit, a specific power supply to indoor pool covers, or you can add actuators for getting over large obstacles or optimizing water tightness and aesthetics.

  • Closing detector
  • Actuators
  • Specific offer for closed pools
  • Closing detector
  • Closing detector


Coverseal pool covers are made in accordance with the strictest standards – great attention is paid to the selection of materials used; while the exclusive locking system ensures that your pool is efficient, regardless of its size and shape, with high membrane resistance.

Water quality

The quality of selected materials guarantees cleaner water – perfectly stretched in all circumstances, the membrane prevents impurities from entering your pool. It significantly reduces photosynthesis and, as a result, the accumulation of algae, which will greatly reduce the use of chemical water treatment products, which is just another economic advantage!


Safe water and energy savings – the sun’s rays will heat the cover during the day, as well as the water in the pool thanks to radiation transfer. At night, the cover will completely block evaporation, preventing water cooling because the thermal balance of the Coverseal cover is greater than the thermal balance of the cover with solar slats.

Completed projects of Coverseal pool covers

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