Albixon pool covers

The swimming pool experiences all four seasons!

Bibis company, in collaboration with partners from Albixon, provides only the best for your wellness and spa attractions. Covers for ceramic and concrete pools are designed to ensure optimal conditions for water enjoyment regardless of weather conditions.

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Your reliable solution for pool protection!

Cost savings at each step

Pool covers are crafted from premium materials designed to safeguard the pool against external factors. They prevent pool water from cooling and contaminating, thereby simplifying and reducing the cost of maintenance!

The fact that the materials utilized in pool covering can also function as solar panels results in substantial cost reductions. Furthermore, utmost attention is paid to ensuring safety.

Albixon Box models in standard offer:

  • Casablanca Infinity
  • Dallas
  • Dallas Clear
  • Klasik
  • Klasik Clear

Advantages of pool covers:

  • Prevent water cooling
  • Prevent water contamination
  • Can be used as solar panels
  • Significant savings on pool maintenance

Completed Albixon pool cover projects

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