Experience a shower that affects all your senses. WDT Showervision – from now on also in the Bibis offer!

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Showervision is a new type of shower experience – luxury showers that reproduce sound, smell, image, and touch for you! Today you can enjoy a shower on the beach with tropical raindrops, the next day with the sound of a waterfall, or even a foggy feeling. Flavored drops of water, combined with sound and light effects, affect the relaxation of your mind following your wishes! Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? In the following text, find out how Showervision works, and how it will take showering to the next level!

Choose one of the three programs and let yourself enjoy it! Tropical flavored rain, misty mountain streams, or showering under a waterfall? Feel the drops of tropical rain on your skin, an incredible aroma in the air, and the colors in front of your eyes will change depending on the selected program – red, green, or blue!

Showervision can be used anywhere – from exclusive private houses to luxury hotels, and it represents a unique attraction to the experience! Contact us and schedule a meeting with our team to learn more about this unique product!

Do you want to try the Showervision showers?

Contact us by email or by calling our phone number, and we will take care of the installation and assembly.

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