WOOD PLASTIC is a new composite material made from a mixture of recycled wood and plastics. In this way, combining the best features of these two materials, we have a product that is the ideal choice for covering walls and floor surfaces in external space.

WOOD PLASTIC is highly resistant to rotting, cracking and deterioration. He traditionally does not require the preparation and protection of wood. This means that you are exempt from the usual costs of maintaining the wooden floor. You are currently manufactures profile dimensions 22 mm x 140 mm.Standardna length is 5.8 we present in more colors. WOOD PLASTIC absorb very little water. After a test in which the material was immersed in heated water 24 hours, were not observed any effects of reduced material strength.

Because its permanence in the open air, weather resistance and sudden changes in temperature, is ideal for tiling floor platform in gardens, on terraces, around pools, on rafts, docks marina ..

The advantages of a WOOD PLASTIC:

Minimal absorption and high resistance to decay, damage from insects and UV rays

-Long life (> 25 years)

-High dimensional stability and low coefficient of swelling

-There are no knots, cracks, deflection and cavity

-You do not need painting and outdoor protection

-No surface maintenance, a long-term savings

-It leaves an impression and look like real wood

-Can be easily cut, paste, drilled and surface process and the right tree

-Does not contain harmful chemicals

-After use it can be 100% recyclable