Water beds and vichy

Experience this incredible sense where your body becomes incredibly easy and simply floats. Weightlessness is spread throughout the body and freeing the body and mind. Pleasant sounds and vibrations are harmonious experience for all senses.
Lady Spa is a smaller version of Thermo-Spa. The water couch can be equipped with different options.Lady Spa with its small size is made especially for small rooms. Water couch gives indescribable feeling of weightlessness . And depending on the options you choose you can enjoy and dry massage with sound waves.
THERMO-Spa water bed is very popular and model with light therapy is also available .
Aqua-Thermo Jet gently massages your body , so you are exposed to pleasant water jet. AquaThermoJet treated 6 zones on the body with 24 jets. Positive effects are manifold: you relieve tension, improve circulation and metabolism, stimulate the lymphatic system, reduces stress and etc. ..
Tables for wet massage Alima are also part of our offer.
Wichy-Rainbow-Shower-pleasant and relaxing feeling to your body and are part of long tradition. Regular use of this treatment improves blood circulation, detoxification of the skin is done and internal organs. The skin is regenerated and becomes softer.
Relax comfortable bed that perfectly fit into any interior are also offered.
Water mattresses are one more things that we can offer to you so that is up to you to choose.