Salt room or Sea Climate concept – the combination of ionized oxygen and brine made of Dead Sea salt – produces a highly effective stimulating climate in rooms or cabins similar to the climate at the Dead Sea. This climate enables the organism to relax while reducing stress. Just 20 minutes, and you feel as refreshed as if you had a walk along the seaside.SeaClimate – the ideal symbiosis of wellness and medical wellness. The effectiveness of SeaClimate in regard to stress reduction is scientifically proven.

The Special Advantages of SeaClimate:
Stress-reduction in just 20 minutes
Energy gain through Oxygenconcept
Anti-Aging effect
Chemically natural ingredients
Largely improved performance for body and sprit
Innovative technology
Market leader in Europe
Adjusted to consumers needs
Technology to enrich your life
Enjoy the difference!!!
The Various Units of SeaClimate:

The air is clear again after a thunderstorm! It is easier to breathe deeply at a waterfall or near to the coast..This natural phenomenon is created by negative ions formed in the atmosphere due to electrostatic discharge. Dust, bacteria and odors are abolished in a physical way. Thus , the air is clear and fresh. As in many others cases, we are just following natures’ example. So each room with a Sea Climate becomes an oasis of fresh air. Please come in and relax!
Negative ions are playing a positive role within climatic conditions. How many ions are there in our environment today?
Amount of negative ions per ccm and second
– at the coast or in the mountains: approx. 5.000*
– in the outskirts(grassland and fields) approx. 700 – 1.500*
– in the parks approx. 400 – 600*
– along the streets approx. 100 – 200*
– in closed rooms approx. 25 – 50*
Sea Climate produces approx. 5.000.000
In comparative tests including a particle counter Sea Climate was able to reduce the load of particulate matter in a room of 16 m³ up to 50 % within 15 minutes.

The Effect of Mineral Salt:

Mineral salts are the “explosives” of life. Even the smallest of action in our body is controlled by salts. Every thought, every movement, all our doing is controlled by our brain and the central nervous system. Nerve fibers are only able to forward impulses when there are elements like potassium or magnesium available as existent in mineral salts. It is the natural salt in our body that it needs in order to function consummately.
Commercial table salt contains almost 100 % sodium chloride (NaCl).Merely the smallest amount of fluoride or iodine is added; natural minerals are missing.Sea Climate uses first-class Dead Sea salt in its natural consistency. Minerals and micro elements remain unaffected.
potassium portion approx. 160.000 mg/kg
magnesium portion approx. 100.000 mg/kg
Via ultrasonic nebulizer, Sea Climate is producing a super fine, dry salt mist. Thus, even the skin, as the largest breathing organ, is able to absorb all active ingredients.

The Effects of Oxygen
Oxygen is the key substance for all processes in the body. Life as we know it is impossible without it. For decades it has been known by science that oxygen has a natural anti-aging effect, especially when ionised.Oxygen strengthens the immune system and boosts the physical and mental performance. Oxygen is accredited with many other positive characteristics. Try Sea Climate . You will be crazy for it.
The amount of oxygen in the ambient air is approx. 20,94%. According to the size of a cabin or a room Sea Climate boosts the amount of oxygen from 20,94% to up to 28%. This equates to an increase of approx. 35 %.Oxygen is added through high power generators with NASA technology by being extracted directly from ambient air. So Sea Climate is economical and highly effective.