Professional Flake Ice Makers
Hot and Cold, two contrasts which have always been attractive. As well as light and darkness. An environment which is full of contrasts is always also an environment full of stimulations. The health, well-being and beauty effects of a warming bath like sauna or steam bath results from the reciprocal action of extreme temperatures. As a matter of fact, warmth feels more pleasant than coldness. Therefore it is important to provide attractive cooling down facilities to guests and client of a spa.
ProConHealth is an expert in the field of providing flake ice in spa and sauna area. ProConHealth combine technical know how with treatment relating know how to get best solutions for your projects and for your customers.
All of Eis-Towers are equipped with a high quality flake ice maker, available with different capacities. Each Eis-Tower is also equipped with stand-by-automatic. A level sensor controls filling level of ice in bowl, stops production when bowl is full and starts automatically when it get empty.
Because we offer different ice discharging systems and numerous of designs together with best service we always find best solution in the field of providing flake ice for your spa project.
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