Sun City , Aqua Park “Before&After”


This season, Bibis finished another impressive project in Trebinje, a project called the “City of the Sun”, which is the largest Aqua Park in the region. The whole complex extends to as many as 79,000 square meters. This imposing facility has even six swimming pools for different ages with a total of 5,000 square meters of water mirror. The project contains seven large slides, one of which is adrenaline – 200m long and 21m high. A great attraction for children is the “Splash  Safari” which has 18 types of water attractions and represents a true paradise for children. Our company worked on the design and procurement of Dino Park, which contains 15 different types  of dinosaurs in the right size.

Robot Pool Cleaner

Effective cleaning for floor and walls
Equipped with a smart motion system, the robot covers the pool walls and floor while you sit back and relax. It guarantees optimum cleaning thanks to its brush function, which helps to quickly remove debris from the surface before it is sucked up.
Ultra-light for effortless handling
Featherlight, weighing just 5.5 kg,  is one of the lightest robots on the market. This means it is quick, simple and effortless to handle.
Easy-to-clean filter
To make things easier for you, the filter can be accessed from the top of the robot, making it very easy to clean and helping you avoid any contact with debris.

Take a ride with us !!!

Impressive heights, thrilling speeds , action around every turn, these slides will leave you wanting to take on the raging waters again and again. Pick your favorite slide  :  Aqua Park Pro

Customize your SAUNA wall !!

Design,accented wood features,decorative stone wall,impressive lights,can help you to turn your sauna into a real “piece of art”.