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the first robotic pool cleaners with cyclone suction, with their high-power vortex inside the filter, can hold debris in suspension, helping to reduce filter blockages and maintain cleaning performance.

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New generation of control units with additional features and remote-start function for even more sauna convenience.

Compared to the proven Emotec DC or HCS, the new control units have more and improved features for better handling, making your sauna experience more relaxed and easier. In addition to the Finnish version Econ D4 (dry sauna without vaporiser), we also supply the Econ H4 vaporiser variant. The two electronic control units not only sport conventional functions, they also have a 10-level dimmable cabin light function and a 3-level fan control unit.

New control unit series “Econ D4 and Econ H4” replaces Emotec DC and HCS

Optionally, both devices are BUS remote start compatible, which means that sauna users can switch on their cabin comfortably via the remote function, promising wellness at the push of a button and immediate relaxation after a stressful day at work.



The ‚bull‘ among the sauna stoves with its unique monolithic design. Combined with a more rustic classic design with a patina finish, the stove is in a class of its own in the market. The solid 8 mm thick outer material not only guarantees excellent heat absorption but also long-lasting continuous heat emission for relaxed sauna experiences.

Your advantages:

  • 160 kg sauna stone volume for the perfect “loylu” effect
  • Exclusive design with open rock store
  • Improved inner construction with better air circulation for faster heat-up times.
  • Ideal for placement in front of glass or in the centre of the sauna, all sides look alike
  • Made in Germany quality from EOS

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SteamTec II Premium

Steam generator for steam rooms. For domestic and commercial use.

Luxus class steam generator for steam rooms. Suitable for intensive commercial use, innovative construction with externally placed heating elements. Integrated automatic descaling system reduces maintenance costs.

Your advantages:

  • Stable, reliable steam production by any water quality.
  • New, innovative construction – heating elements mounted outside water tank without direct contact to water, no associated problems with scale deposits on heating elements.
  • Designed for heavy-duty commercial operation.
  • Variable power output (adjustable on site)
  • Control unit with separate touch-screen display panel for external wall mounting up to 30 m away.
  • Built-in essence dosing system for 2 fragrances with 2 peristaltic pumps.
  • Two special volt-free outputs allow to switch the floor and bench heating
  • Includes steam outlet, brass union for steam output, water hose.

Made in Germany Quality from EOS.


The amount of oxygen in the ambient air is approx. 20,94%. According to the size of a cabin or a room SeaClimate boosts the amount of oxygen from 20,94% to up to 28%. This equates to an increase of approx. 35 %.Oxygen is added through high power generators with NASA technology by being extracted directly from ambient air. So SeaClimate is economical and highly effective.

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EmoTouch 3

Innovative touch-screen sauna control unit for dry & humid sauna operation.

Advanced sauna control system with a remote touch-screen control panel and a separate relay box. Innovative enhanced graphic user interface allows easy and intiuive operation, all major functions can be reached within a few seconds.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy and intuitive operation
  • Menu navigation in 20 languages
  • Large 7“ touch-screen display
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Premium functions
  • Made in Germany